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Not sure about what you are taking, or why you are taking your supplements?

Ask an expert!  As a pharmacist and a functional medicine trained practitioner, I have broad knowledge about pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and herbal supplements. Let me help you navigate what you are putting in your body.


Let me help you to move forward

Sometimes, with no one holding you accountable, it's difficult to do the right things for yourself.  From choosing healthy foods over junk food, or committing to daily exercises over Netflix, this personalized coaching program has only your wellbeing in mind.  Coaching sessions are 30 minutes one-on-one appointments once a week to help you progress towards your health goals.


A Personal Approach

During this 90 minute initial consultation, we will go through all the information you have provided in the intake form.  We will discuss the possible antecedents, triggers and mediators of your health concerns.  We will look at all aspects of your life including physiology, function, and your emotional, social, spiritual balances.  This is known as the functional medicine matrix. After a deep dive into your history and current concerns, we will develop a plan to help you moving forward and thrive.

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